Catchment Area

Longton Health Centre Catchment Area

The practice boundary is marked on the map. 

Outer Boundary

  • it is noted that new development / roads may not be included on existing map

Patients who are already registered at the surgery

  • If patients move from within our Boundary to within the Boundary we will keep them registered at the surgery.
  • If a patient moves from the Boundary into a residence they will need to register elsewhere or look to apply to remain registered as an Out of Area registration

New Patients to the Surgery

If a NEW patient wishes to register who is from outside our Boundary to a residence in our Boundary they CANNOT REGISTER as a regular registration.

They will need to either find GP within their given area or look to register as an OOA registration.


Out of Area Scheme

Practice Area

This practice covers the Longton, Hutton, New Longton, Higher Penwortham, Hoole and Walmer Bridge area. There is also an outer Boundary covering some parts of Penwortham

When attending to register with Longton Health Centre, please check with a member of the Reception team who will be happy to check that you are living within our practice area.

If you are an existing patient of the practice and you move to an area outside our inner or outer practice boundary you would generally need to register with a GP nearer to your new home.

Out of Area Scheme

This is a scheme available to

  • Patients who are registered with the practice; move out of the area and would like to remain registered at the surgery
  • Patients who currently live out of the area but would find it easier to be registered at Longton Health Centre - perhaps because this area is your place of work or you would prefer to be registered here.

In these instances, the practice will offer you the option to re-register under this scheme with the exception of Home Visits and Emergency /Urgent care whilst out of our practice area i.e. inner or outer boundary.

Home Visits and Emergency Care whilst out of the practice area e.g. at your home

  • If you ever were to require a Home Visit or Emergency/Urgent care whilst out of our practice area, you would need to contact NHS111 or 999 who would offer you assistance and if required provide a GP to visit you at home.
  • If you rang the practice the staff would direct and help you to get the correct type of help you needed
  • You would not get a visit from a clinician at this practice however we might offer an appointment to be seen at the surgery if you were able to travel. If you could not travel or the clinical advise was to get help quickly you would be asked to contact a service within in the area you are currently residing at

Registration Process

Appropriate paperwork must be completed and ultimately it is the clinician’s decision as to whether you are suitable to register under this scheme or asked to register at a practice nearer your permanent residence

Examples of when it is not suitable to register as an Out of Area Patient

  • if you usually find it difficult to travel independently and you regularly need to see your GP we would advise to register at a practice nearer your home
  • If your medical need changed to needing regular home visits or you needed to visit your GP more often
  • Your clinical need changes
  • You do not attend regular health checks or review appointments

Change of Details

It is important that we are able to contact you.

If you move house, change telephone numbers or name please inform a member of the Reception team who will amend your records to ensure that we have the most up to date information available.

If you would like to receive text reminders of appointments you hold or any future healthcare related reminders then please let a member of the reception team know so that we can document your consent on your health records. 

You are free to withdraw from this decision at any time.