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Information for patients to support access to clinics

Please be reminded of recent updates on blood clinic arrangements

If you require a routine OR urgent blood test, please see the following information to support you in accessing the most appropriate service.

Only the patient requiring the blood test should enter the clinic unless assistance is required by a carer or relative for the duration.

Click here for the latest community blood clinics LSCFT BLOOD CLINIC TIMETABLE MARCH 2024 V10.docx

For information on how a blood sample is taken and what happens in the appointment please click here

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Minor Operations

Certain clinical procedures will be carried out at the practice however you will be signposted to the most appropriate service.

Anti-coagulant Near Patient Testing

(Service also available to patients from other practices)

If you are prescribed Warfarin we offer a blood testing and dosing service at the practice.  Please contact reception to arrange an appointment and register your details.

Community Child Health Clinic

The practice provides a full child health service for all locally registered children up to the age of 5 years. 

Important - please continue to attend for childhood vaccinations

For vaccinations please attend at the time notified in your invitation letter.If your child is unwell please contact the surgery to let them know.

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(including Contraception Implants and Injections – also available to patients from other practices)

The clinicians provide advice on all methods of contraception, including fitting caps/coils, contraception implants and injections. This, like all other services provided by the practice, is completely confidential.

Chlamydia Screening

The practice provides Chlamydia screening. If you wish to arrange this appointment please inform the receptionist over the phone or if you would prefer to please write this down on a privacy slip provided at the reception desk.  Please note we are able to text your results back to you therefore please inform us of your current mobile number.  On occasion we may refer you to another suitable clinic instead of asking you to attend the surgery.

Coronary Heart Disease Prevention/Stroke /TIA/Atrial Fibrillation/Peripheral Artery Disease Clinic

The practice holds regular healthy heart clinics. Patients who are on our CHD register will be invited for an annual check-up. This will involve a non-fasting blood test followed up by a telephone or face to face appointment where appropriate with the Practice Pharmacist where your results will be discussed and your medication reviewed.

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Diabetic Clinic

The surgery offers a comprehensive service to diabetic patients.  All patients on our Diabetic Register will be invited to receive an annual telephone check-up, foot screening and ophthalmology check.

Asthma and COPD Clinic

These are specialist run clinics, providing up to date medical advice, medication reviews and spirometry for patients with this condition. All patients on the register for asthma or COPD will be contacted for an annual telephone or face to face review where appropriate.

Hypertension Clinic

If you have a history of raised blood pressure this is called Hypertension. We invite patients on our practice register for an annual telephone or face to face review where appropriate, unless you have been seen in one of our other clinics. This check-up will involve a non-fasting blood test and a review of your records and results by one of our clinicians.


If you are troubled by anxiety, depression, stress, relationship problems etc. and wish to access a counsellor, patients can access the service Minds Matters 01772 773437 Monday to Friday 9-5 or book an appointment online at


Maternity Services - Self-referral Service

As soon as you find out you are pregnant you have the option to book your maternity care directly with Lancashire teaching Hospitals instead of seeing your GP.

Please visit and complete the self-referral form, we encourage you to do this as soon as possible so you can see your midwife and have your early screening tests. When you submit the form the booking team will arrange your first booking appointment and should notify your GP of your pregnancy. If you do not receive an appointment within 2 weeks then please call the booking team on 01772 524726

Folic acid - It is recommended that you start taking Folic acid (0.4mg) supplements as early in pregnancy as possible. These tablets are widely available in pharmacies and supermarkets. Folic acid is important for the development of your baby’s nervous system

The clinicians provide full  postnatal care at Longton Health Centre.

Post-natal (6 week) checks are carried out by the GP and appointments are made during normal surgery time up to 2 weeks in advance.

Longton Social & Things to Do 2024

Please see a collection of clubs and meetings which our patients / carers may find useful


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