Healthwise Review

My Healthwise Review

Patients are invited in to attend for a review annually, usually around their birth month.

This review is for the benefit of patients with existing cardiovascular conditions and for those who may, because of previous medical history, be at risk in the future. We therefore recommend you take full advantage of this important yearly screening opportunity.


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What Do I Need To Bring/Prepare

The first step in the process is to attend for a Health Monitoring Annual Review. This is a 20 minute appointment with one of our GP Assistants (GPA). At the appointment the GPA will take a non-fasting blood sample as well as check your blood pressure. You will be asked to provide a urine sample, if you have a sterile sample pot, please bring the sample along to your appointment. Sample pots are available from reception.

 You can book this online by downloading the NHS app NHS App and your NHS account - NHS (

If you monitor your Blood Pressure at home, please bring a record of the last 7 days' readings

Click here for BP Diary Monitor Sheet.

This appointment will last for 20 minutes

At your annual health monitoring review the GPA will:

  • Take your height and weight (to check if you are under or overweight)
  • Take a blood sample
  • Take your blood pressure
  • Test your urine sample

This information and your blood results will then be reviewed by our in-house pharmacist. Reception will arrange a telephone call for you if there is results that need to be discussed.

If you are under the hospital for your check or recently seen a GP regarding your condition please inform the practice in order that we can amend your records.