Structured Medication Review

My Structured Medication Review

Medication reviews are carried out via telephone or you may be asked to attend the surgery face to face. If you would like a Structured Medication Review or have received a message asking you to make an appointment, please book online via the NHS app or call reception and ask to book in with one of our Clinical Pharmacists.

What is a Structured Medication Review?

A Structured Medication Review is carried out to ensure that the medicines you are prescribed, are the most appropriate for you and that you are getting the best out of them. It allows us to check if you are experiencing any undue side effects and to assess the effectiveness and safety of your current treatment. It also allows you to find out more about the medication(s) and the condition(s) for which you take them.

What to expect during your medication review?

At the review, the Clinical Pharmacist will check that all your medicines are working for you and discuss if you have any problems with them. Any changes made, will be agreed with you and if necessary be authorised by a GP. The review will also be recorded in your medical notes.

How to prepare for your medication review

Before your appointment please make sure you have all your current medication to hand, including any you may have purchased from the pharmacy or any herbal medicines you take.

Please also feel free to prepare any questions you may have about your current medications, as they can be discussed and answered as part of the medication review.

The review is also an opportunity to discuss re-aligning or synchronising your current medicines and whether you may be suitable to be switched to the electronic repeat dispensing scheme.